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Real Challenges. Real Solutions. Leaders First.

Executive Coaching and Professional Development Training


Julie Sanchez

Expert Business Solutions LLC was birthed by an African American female, Julie Sanchez, who passionately believes in leaning in and working to become the solution to whatever challenges we face in the world today.

Real Challenges.

Organizations feel the impact of our changing times with each employee who enters the room.

Real Solutions.

Expert Business Solutions believes in tackling real issues head on.

Leaders First.

For change and growth to occur within organizations, their leaders must first reflect growth in their lived experiences.

Julie is a strategic advisor who can both conceive and develop high quality programs and implement them. Her vast knowledge of how to provide program support during the critical implementation stage and to more creatively deliver the services was extremely beneficial to us especially since we had to pivot during the pandemic. I enjoyed how Julie challenged and advanced my thinking in the program development stage, and how she creatively supported making changes to better fit our program delivery model with methods that worked more effectively for the participant. Julie brought her whole self to our breakthrough program. She challenged conventional assumptions and set a high bar of excellence for our participants. Together, she, and our team, delivered a program better than we could have imagined and impacted so many lives in very distinct ways.

Karl R. LaPan

University of Florida, UF Innovate

The opportunity to be coached by Julie has been God ordained and nothing short of amazing. Her ability to actively listen, accompanied by wisdom and experience, allowed me to effectively tackle some areas that were holding me back personally and professionally. She has a way of peacefully diving deep to the core of issues, empowering you, and providing tools to establish and or maintain success. I can confidently say that having a coach such as Julie on your team is truly an asset. Not only is she good at what she does, but her love for helping others shines through in her services. Highly recommended…10 out of 10!

Natasha Brown

Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer and Owner of Brown's Shugas LLC.

Julie’s strong, patient, and intuitive coaching helped me navigate deep, complex, and painful feelings. Her nature is so calming and her ability to ask powerful questions is on point – so much so that I walked away with every session with a key insight about myself and the situation. For a practical person like me, these insights were clear and actionable right away in my life – which I value. Julie helped connect me with my own inner wisdom and helped me reach a place of great clarity. Wisdom and clarity are foundational for me as I continue to navigate life challenges and opportunities.

Kruti Kapadia Coaching

Julie is a FANTASTIC coach! Her gentle, and attentive coaching style is exactly what I needed at that point of time in my life. I found Julie’s work to be brilliant, wise, insightful and practical. I would not have believed so many positive changes could come from just eight short weeks of coaching, but I am a living witness to Julie’s AMAZING coaching! Thank you Julie, YOU ROCK!

LaNise W Johnson

Select Technical Solutions and Woman-Owned Company-Wirtz, VA.

Working with Julie as our energy coach was a transformative experience. Learning about my own energy and the dynamics within our team was not only enjoyable but eye-opening. Julie’s skill in facilitating discussions was remarkable; she created an atmosphere of trust and collaboration that allowed us to explore our energies openly. Her guidance played a pivotal role in helping our department align and make tangible progress towards our goals. I highly recommend Julie as an exceptional energy coach.

Ashley Inge

DEI Coordinator, FWCS

Julie’s coaching was responsive to my individual needs as well as the needs of our team as we worked together in shaping a new initiative. Her ability to personalize her coaching to my individual needs left me with a feeling of deep personal investment.  She is skilled in knowing how to push each person inward to draw out their creative best and catalyze the work.  I highly recommend her services!

Maureen Bender

Director of DEI, Fort Wayne Community Schools

The session Julie Sanchez presented on Micro aggressions was really well done. In a time when DEI conversations are received on a very large spectrum, attendees were engaged and participated honestly and enthusiastically. Workshop participants had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. Our hope is that through these conversations have broadened the perspective of those that may not have the privilege of learning from those that have come from different experiences.

Tracy Davis

Director of Community Relations and DEI of Ivy Tech
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